As an international charity, Sahaja Yoga is by its very nature culturally diverse. People from all corners of the world, all walks of life and religious backgrounds enjoy Sahaja yoga; it stands to reason therefore that Sahaja Yoga is a culturally rich and diverse organization.

However, culture and tradition is not only something that is by default a part of Sahaja Yoga. We believe that culture and tradition is absolutely vital to sustaining a successful society (national and international). Somehow the modern world seems fascinated on the continual reinvention of all things, and therefore culture and tradition are being lost, leaving young people without a clear identity and sense of traditional values.

Religions and Sahaja Yoga
We believe that all religions are a part of a single truth, and together teach us a great deal about the spiritual purpose to life. Barriers that separate groups of people across the world are, in our opinion artificial and man-made. Through meditation we can begin to see that all faiths and cultures are simply different aspects of the divine's creation and therefore must all be respected, studied and celebrated.

It is typical for Sahaja Yogis (those who practice Sahaja Yoga) to celebrate cultural and religious celebrations from a huge variety of backgrounds and cultures

This wide cultural variety of religious influence means that those who enjoy Sahaja Yoga are also introduced to, and enjoy the pure essence of all religions. This is not to say that we attend church, mosques of Buddhist centres because we don't always agree with the institutions that have been set up around a religion. But we do however seek to learn from the teachings of great spiritual teachers like Christ, Mohamed and Buddha.

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